Football Season

  • Teams and Marching Band run out
  • SU fight song "Down the Field"
  • "Let's go orange!" chant
  • Cheer "S-Y-R-A-C-U-S-E" 1st down!
  • Bang on the bleachers on opponent's 3rd down
  • Imperial march during opponent's 4th down
  • Touchdown "G-O-S-U"
  • "Hey! Baby" sing-a-long
  • Stay for Alma Mater!

Basketball Season

  • Opposing player intro
    • Who's He!?
    • So What!?
    • Who Cares!?
    • Big Deal!
    • GO HOME
  • Home Team intro's (varies season to season)
  • I believe that we will win!
  • Stand and clap till Syracuse scores first basket at the beginning of each half
  • Traditional chant "Let's go Orange!"
  • Court cheers "GO... Orange... "We Are... SU..." "Let's... Go... S... U" "Let's go!... Syracuse"
  • Defense - Get up, bounce and make noise!
  • Dances - time warp, techno, zombie nation, chips, go SU
  • Home team free throws- hands straight up - "whoosh, go Orange!"
  • Home team 3-pt shot - hands straight up
  • Running of the flags (2nd half - 8:00 media TO)
  • Away team free throws (Distraction)
  • Stay for Alma Mater!


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