Top universities with top athletic departments always have a strong student section to cheer their student-athletes on; and Syracuse University is no different. Otto’s Army is the official student section for SU that supports all Division I athletic teams on the campus. Founded in 2006 by a few friends who saw a need to organize student fans, Otto’s Army has exceeded expectations and shown all opponents that they will fight alongside the athletes over the past ten years.

As soon as a Syracuse University student commits to attend the university, they are automatically a soldier in the army. As the only current organization to include every student on campus, Otto’s Army can always count on having a strong presence at a variety of games. The students uphold the “Loud House” name in the Carrier Dome, pack the hill for soccer games and travel hundreds of miles to support SU at opposing stadiums.

All students are welcome to attend bi-weekly meetings to stay up to date on all games and events happening involving Otto’s Army. However, all you need to be a soldier in this army is to bleed orange. #GoCuse!


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